Of vital significance for the organization of receptions and events of high specifications, that will impress and be cherished forever are the collaboration with specialized, reliable, experienced and recognized professionals with aspect.

Our carefully selected partners and the professionals who are able to introduce you if preferred, stand out due to their expertise, professionalism and their special aesthetics. Being aware of the fine quality of their work and the compatible style among them, we undoubtedly suggest them, because all together -always taking into consideration your needs and preferences, we can guarantee the absolute success of every event.

Their selection has been conducted under especially strict criteria and provide their services with a discount at Ephilena’s customers. They offer a wide range of services (catering, fully audio-visual coverage, light effects, fireworks, balloons, invitation cards, DJ services, decorator, photographer, animateur, make-up artist, hairdresser and more ( that will satisfy every of your wishes.

The team of our partners and our suggested professionals is characterized by a special dynamic as we work in order to enrich or even reshape it, always aiming to be able to suggest exactly what you need. The companies which we are associating with are the following and you can take a look of the style, provisions and also their philosophy bt visiting the following websites.

Club service catering | gastronomy of high specifications and imaginative creations signed by the awarded Chef Ntina Nikolaou (

DJ service
Papadakis Dimitris  6942477835

Sound works | professional systems of sound, vision and lights- Live music and sound support (

Flower decorations – bouquet
Eap event | decorations the flower as a subject (

Photo shooting-Video shooting
Tselina Tseliou | photographer ( http ://

Enaysis fireworks (

One photobooth (

Creative work
Trelozouzounia -Stavros Siamitas -6985672746(

Make up artist
Giannakoudi Georgia ( Giannakoudi Georgia

Hair salon – Wedding look
Hairmine | Hair & Beauty Salon (