Efilena Estate – Financial Proposal for Autumn / Winter Wedding / Christening Event.

Efilena’s manor- cost-effective proposal for autumn/winter wedding/ christening event.
Are you planning a wedding or christening in Autumn or winter of 2018-2019?
Efilena’s manor prepared a special economic proposal for you.



We welcome your guests at the reception bar, offering:
• Hot, red Gluhwein wine seasoned with cinnamon sticks, carnations, citrus and sugar.
• Fruit Punch without alcohol

Upon your bar, your guests are served with tortilla rolls (white or green) with:
• Smoked turkey, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber and rocket leaves
• Smoked salmon, cucumber, lettuce and Horseradish sauce

Fresh salads
• Greek salad with tomato, feta cheese, reed olives, barleycorns, capers, peppers, onion, parsley, oregano & olive oil
• Salad with white and red cabbage, carrot, grated nut, green apple & dressing lemon lemon
• Forest Salad with lettuce, rocket leaves, parmesan foliage, pine nuts, croutons, pomegranates and vinaigrette with raspberry
• Primavera salad with spinach, rocket, roasted haloumi, Julien chicken, pine nut & vinaigrette sauce

Presentation of Plateau with Selected Cheese.
Garnished with fresh seasonal fruits and crisps of various types of rococo, greek cheese, manouri and feta cheese.

Presentation with a variety of bakery products:
White, rye, multicolored, rustic.

Stand with hot appetizers and accompaniments
• Two-wheeled tartlets with prosciutto, broccoli and cheeses
• Mushrooms stuffed with vegetables, granola with smoked Metsovo cheese
• Crepes with tender spinach and smoked Metsovo cheese
• Roasted rosemary ovens and citrus dressing
• Wild rice with basmati, raisins and pine nuts

Stand with hot main dishes
• Chicken fillets with soft honey sauce and sesame seeds
• Roasted bacon with lemon vinaigrette
• Milk with blackcurrant, plums and apricot
• Pork steak marinated in aromatic herbs and thyme pesto

Our sweets:

  • Wedding Cake: show and taste your choice from the Papagallino Sweets collections. Individual pastes with taste of your choice are served to your guests.
  • Presentation with Fresh Seasonal Fruits on plateau & baskets.
  • Karydopita and ravani with ice creams

BAR unlimited consumption with:

  • Bottled white and red wine
  • Lainazani Estate
  • Beer Fix
  • Various soft drinks, soda, orange juice
  • Bottled water

The offer price includes:

  1. Rental of the room and the outside space
  2. Reception Cocktail – Choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with accompanying drinks
  3. Menu
  4. Dinner Drinks – Bottled white and red quality wine, beers, refreshments and bottled water in unlimited consumption
  5. The reception staff
    • Maître is responsible for all aspects of the event
    • Chef responsible for guaranteeing the preparation and presentation of the dishes
    • Waiters (1/25 guests)
    • Cooks
    • Assistants
  6. Luxurious equipment
    • Buffet
    • Rotundas with white tablecloths, napkins and runners in various colors
    • Cocktail tables (high-bar type)
    • Tiffany’s luxury wooden chairs with cushion
    • Porcelain Utensils, Crystal Colored Sets of Glasses and Cutlery
  7. The decoration of the space:
    • Romantic lounge chairs in the garden
    • Big and small lanterns in the reception area and in its surrounding trees
    • Table decoration: The art-de-la-table will consist of all the necessary utensils and equipment for the presentation and service of all dishes and drinks.
    • In the center of the tables can be placed free of charge:
      • Glass bowl with white pebbles and candle
      • Three multi-level candles with a ribbon
      • Silver low candlestick for five candles
  1. Parking – Private parking space with valet parking
  2. WC – Cleaning staff throughout the reception

Price 34,00 + VAT
(The offer is valid for a minimum of 200 guests)