Unforgettable kids’ parties and celebrations at Efilena’s manor

Unforgettable kids’ parties and
celebrations at Efilena’s Estate

Our impressive ideas, the playful mood and the plenty surprises constitute the basic features of a unique, successful and unforgettable kids party or celebration. And this is what we can ensure at Efilena’s estate, transforming the area to the most beautiful and ideal scenery for every party motivated by the birthday or name day of your lilliput hero. In order to offer him priceless moments of joy, play, high quality entertainment and carelessness in the nature, that will be cherished forever and excite his friends.

In association with the most experienced and recognized partners in the field we are given the option to organize the party together that every little friend of ours has been dreamt of. To realize whichever idea of yours and to suggest to your complete ideas for theme parties depending on the age and the special preferences of your child’s, the number of the guests and of course your budget.

Starting from the suitable setup and the absolute playful decoration we will take care of and be on top of everything with consciousness and professionalism as we have the capability to secure isolated or combined solutions such as:

  • Imaginative kids’ menu and impressive cakes with various flavors and illustrations that will excite not only the younger guests but also the older.
  • Presence of educators, clowns, animateurs, favorite heroes of children, face painters, magicians, jugglers, woodcutters, mummers, photographers and DJs who can guarantee a day full of fun and dancing.
  • Numerous plays, team games, interactive, based on the theme of the party, and simultaneously educative. Art workshops and spectacles puppet theatre, balloons of different styles, sizes and colors, setups with balloons, soap bubbles machines, pinatas, lights, disco balls and more.